The City of New Richmond has approved a contract with American Engineering Testing, Inc. (Chippewa Falls, WI) for geotechnical services at the site of the future mixed-use public library.

AET will use an auger to drill to depths of 30 feet on the site to collect soil samples, perform field and laboratory testing, and prepare a geotechnical engineering report with recommendations regarding the following:

  • Site preparation, including excavation and fill placement/compaction
  • Foundation recommendations, including an allowable bearing capacity and estimated settlements
  • Geotechnical recommendations for design of the below-grade walls
  • Modulus of subgrade reaction for slabs-on-grade
  • Subgrade preparation for exterior slab areas
  • Construction recommendations related to geotechnical issues

Drilling operations will be scheduled in December or January, and will likely take four days to complete. Private underground utilities will be located in advance. Neighbors and passersby can expect to see utility markings (spray paint and flags) on the site, and the presence of personnel and large equipment. Click here to see the full press release.