Star Prairie Trout Farm TourTue, July 19 from 5:00-7:00 pm at Star Prairie Trout Farm

A behind the scenes tour, including all facets of the 365 day a year operation of Star Prairie Trout Farm, Since 1856 one of, if not the oldest registered continuously operated trout farms in Wisconsin. From the hatchery where the all female rainbow trout eggs are raised inside until they become “fry” (2″ to 3″) long and then they move outside to begin their journey though up to 30 different ponds while they take approximately 20 months to grow to 12″ (plate size) long and their harvest size. Then on to processing and possibly smoking as well. No fish leave the farm for stocking or other live purposes, they are all eventually processed exclusively for food (human consumption).

Registration Required. Ages 18+ are welcome to attend. Register here to attend.