Crafty Adults: Bath Bombs & Shower Steamers

Bath Bombs & Shower Steamers

Crafty Adults in the Library: Bath Bombs & Shower Steamers

Tuesday, February 26 at 6:00 pm

Learn how to make Bath bombs and Shower Steamers! Bath bombs are hard-packed mixture of dry ingredients, which effervesces when wet and used in a tub. Don’t have time for a luxurious bath, or dislike sitting in a bath? Consider using a shower steamer instead. Simply place a shower fizzy on the floor of your shower where the water will hit it. The water will cause the shower fizzy to break apart and dissolve, thus releasing the fragrant essential oils.

Come join us at the Library every 4th Tuesday of the month to create at this hands on workshop. Registration required. Space limited.

This class is now full.


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