Homeschool LEGO®

Homeschool LEGO®

Wednesday, Jan 10, 17 & 24 from 10:00 - 11:30 am.

LEGO® at the library with Dianne Kearns

"Build it Tall, Build it Strong"

In this year’s beginner class, we will be building on our work each week. Therefore, we encourage you to sign your child up to attend all 3 classes. LEGO® minifigures will be provided and there will be time for the kids to play with their project.

Jan 10: Each child will build a tall tower complete with windows, doors, archways and balcony’s. These towers will be saved at the library throughout the three weeks.

Jan 17: The children will connect their towers by using arches and plates to create cantilevers. They will cantilever over to someone else’s tower which in turn will connect to yet another tower, etc. - much like a skyway system.

Jan 24: We will complete the project by adding railings, gardens, and whatever else the children choose.

Ages 6-7 years old.  Beginner projects.

Registration Required!

*Class size is limited.


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