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                  Newspaper   Delivery Days
  New Richmond News   Thursday
  Hudson Star Observer   Thursday


  Newspaper   Delivery Days
  Eau Claire Leader Telegram   Sunday through Saturday
  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel   Monday through Saturday
  Minneapolis Star Tribune   Sunday through Saturday
  St Paul Pioneer Press   Sunday through Saturday
  Wisconsin State Journal   Monday through Friday


  Newspaper   Delivery Days
  New York Times   Sunday
  USA Today   Monday through Thursday plus weekend edition
  Wall Street Journal       Monday through Friday


We have back issues of New Richmond News and its predecessorts in microfilm starting February 24, 1870. Searching the collection is free. The cost of printing is 10¢ per page.

         The Leader 1915-1918
  New Richmond Times 1944
  St Croix Republican 1869-1899
  New Richmond Republican Voice 1899-1907
  New Richmond News and Republican Voice            1907-1942
  New Richmond News 1942-present
Apple River Journal 1975 - 1977