Library Building Project

Library Building Project

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Joint Statement from The School District of New Richmond and City of New Richmond

The School District of New Richmond and City of New Richmond are committed to working collaboratively to construct a 21st Century library at the property located at 421 Green Avenue. We believe that a modern and functional facility that fits in aesthetically with the surrounding neighborhood has the potential to serve as a vibrant gathering space for people in the New Richmond area to learn, explore, and connect for decades to come.

We also recognize that constructing a traditional, stand-alone public library may not be financially feasible, and a multi-purpose development is more appropriate in today's environment. We are committed to forming a public-private partnership in order to create a mixed-use development that meets additional needs of our growing community. This approach could utilize the strengths, expertise, efficiencies, and resources of other parties and sectors to create facilities that far exceed what any one partner could achieve independently. 

We are committed to ensuring transparency throughout this process and providing multiple opportunities for public feedback in a variety of methods. We will listen and work closely with local stakeholders to assess and understand community needs and identify viable partners and/or uses that would be compatible with a library, assist with the financial feasibility of constructing a library, reflect the character of the nearby neighborhood, and serve the needs of all residents in the School District of New Richmond.

We are excited to work together in good faith in this endeavor and make a new library a reality.



October 2021

The original master plan agreement, adopted in 2017, included conditions prohibiting residential development or additional commercial enterprises outside of the Library building on the property. A revised agreement was prepared to remove said conditions. The revised library site master plan was approved by the Board of Education on October 5 and the City Council on October 11.

2021 Revised Master Plan

January 2021

Bryan Schafer, Vicki Gjovik and Noah Wiedenfeld gave the following presentation to the New Richmond School Board, City Council and Library Board. The presentation highlights possible ways to move forward with the Library Building Project.

January 2021 - New Richmond Library Project Presentation


2019 Building Project Update

2017 Feasibility Study Report

2017 New Richmond Library Master Plan