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MORE Online Library is a consortium of libraries in Western Wisconsin sharing resources totaling more than a million items. You can search the online catalog to find materials or find additional information at any of the MORE member libraries.

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Wisconsin's Digital Library

The Wisconsin Public Library Consortium partners with OverDrive to provide access to eBooks and eAudiobooks. Bring your device to Friday Memorial Library and let us help you get started. Try the one-tap reading app for the digital library. The Libby app is available for Apple and Android devices. Happy reading! Printable instructions for installing and use of the Libby app.


Freading is a downloadable eBook service with thousands of titles and new ones added each day.    Freading eBooks are available with simultaneous access so there are no holds needed. Download to the same bookshelf as Wisconsin's Digital Library for easy access to all your ebooks. Always available! Printable instructions for installing and use.


Flipster is a digital magazine service which allows you to read your favorite magazines on your computer or mobile device.


WISCAT is Wisconsin's statewide library catalog. Search hundreds of libraries throughout Wisconsin and request items not owned in MORE libraries. Not all items are available to be loaned, but we will do our best to find the material you need. If you cannot find what you are looking for in WISCAT, it does not mean we cannot get it for you. Contact us for further assistance.

When you find the item you want in WISCAT, click on the "Request This Item" button. Fill out the form. Fields in red are required

BadgerLink is a project of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning. Its goal is to provide access to quality online information resources for Wisconsin residents in cooperation with the state's public, school, academic, and special libraries and Internet Service Providers.

To take advantage of every aspect of BadgerLink, go to Library Card Access on the right menu.  Use your New Richmond Friday Memorial Library card number to sign in.