Return an Item

You can return materials to any MORE library.

MORE is a consortium of libraries in Western Wisconsin. List of participating libraries.

Returns at Friday Memorial Library

Open hours:

You can return materials to the RETURN slot located in the door to the right of the director’s office.


After hours:

Outside drop: You can return materials in the large outside drop box. Do not put DVDs, or music CDs in the large drop box as it can lead to damages that you would be liable for.

Door Slot: Please place fragile items such as DVDs, music CDs and magazines in the library door slot to reduce the chances of damage.

Please make sure all audio CDs and DVDs are accounted for and in their proper cases.


Special materials:

Lucky Day books and DVDs: Lucky Day materials must be returned to the owning library either in the outside drop or in the building.

Launchpads: Launchpads must be returned to Friday Memorial Library. To reduce the chance of damage, please return inside the building when possible.